"Helping People Help Animals"

The Binky Foundation
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New York, NY 10163
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Welcome to the Binky Foundation


The Binky Foundation is a private charitable organization dedicated to the protection of domestic and wild animals and the protection and expansion of their habitats. At The Binky Foundation we recognize that the resources for starting an initiative are often the hardest to obtain. Thus, we are committed to assisting individuals and organizations in taking those critical initial steps toward protecting animals and their habitats.

Because of the exceptionally high number of grant applications received in our September 1, 2014 window, review and action by the Grant Committee on all applications will take longer than its original target of 45-days from the close of the window. While the Grant Committee hopes to complete its review and action on all applications as soon as possible, it cannot give a timetable for such completion at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Screech Owl, gray phase,
The Raptor Trust