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Grant Program


2014 Grant Application Deadlines: March 1 and September 1

Because of the exceptionally high number of grant applications received in our September 1, 2014 window, review and action by the Grant Committee on all applications will take longer than its original target of 45-days from the close of the window. While the Grant Committee hopes to complete its review and action on all applications as soon as possible, it cannot give a timetable for such completion at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Although there are many organizations nationwide that are involved in various aspects of animal and habitat protection, most are focused on “big picture” issues. Yet frequently the smallest efforts properly focused can become the seeds from which substantial efforts grow. At The Binky Foundation we recognize that the resources for starting an initiative are often the hardest to obtain. Thus, our grant program is focused primarily on assisting individuals and organizations that seek to take those initial steps that are critical to achieving a significant benefit or advancement toward protecting animals and their habitats.

First Steps Grants

Our First Steps grant program is designed for individuals or organizations looking for initial seed grants of up to $2500 that address a specific need and meet the following guidelines and criteria.

We are primarily looking to support specific programs, particularly in their early stages, to help small, local organizations get a firm basis for future sustainability. Therefore, in reviewing requests for funding, our goal is to help an organization achieve sustainability or to provide a long-term benefit, such as to set up an educational program, or to help purchase a particular piece of equipment that expands or perpetuates an organization's ability to perform its mission. What we try to avoid is to provide direct payment for food or medical support for individuals, or to provide short-term support for an organization's general budget for these services.  For examples of the kinds of organizations we have supported, and the nature of the approved grants, see Our Grantees»

Forward Steps Grants

Although our principal focus is on our small grant programs, we have occasionally provided grants to individuals or organizations in need of more than $2500 to fund long-term or ongoing projects meeting the criteria described above and providing an exceptional benefit to wild or domesticated animals and protection and or expansion of their habitats. 

Grant Application

Beginning in 2014, the Binky Foundation has one unified grant application form replacing our separate First Steps and Forward Steps forms. Any application already submitted or that is submitted before February 1, 2014 using the old form will not be rejected based on that usage. The new form can be downloaded here:  Grant Application»

2014 Program

Our Grant Committee will be reviewing grant applications in two windows during the 2014 calendar year: Spring and Fall. The deadline for receiving grant applications for each of these review periods is the first day of March and September. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Grant Committee in extraordinary circumstances. The Grant Committee will make every effort to review and consider each application received within 45-days following each deadline.

Please note that The Binky Foundation is not designed for and does not have the resources to fund individual pet care, including direct reimbursement to veterinarians, or for housing or the purchase of food. We urge individuals seeking such help contact local shelters or other local charitable organizations that may provide such assistance.


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